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Test thousands of extensions in Magento Enterprise or Community, even in your own store!

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Why magetesting?

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Quickly create a Magento development store in just a few clicks.  Optionally copy your live store with a few more clicks for a true development environment.  Browse through popular Magento extensions and install them with 1 click, including the ability to roll back changes if you decide an extension is not right for you.


Use your Mage Testing store to test out new extensions and custom features before ever touching your live store. When you are happy that everything is working as it should, follow easy steps to get changes on your live site.


Use your Mage Testing development site as an ongoing sandbox for all future changes to your site. With integrated ftp, database access, version control and Papertrail log analysis, Mage Testing is the perfect platform to grow and test your Magento site.

Browse Extensions

Browse select free and premium Magento extensions to install, test, purchase and deploy to live site. Install multiple extensions to test drive before committing to buy or test multiple extensions in your store to evaluate compatibility.

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